The Property Showcase Page

Property Showcase Page

The property Showcase page, is a dedicated portfolio- and digital brochure for each of your advertised properties. Separate from the rest of the website, it is packaged in a clean beautiful design, that looks great on all devices!


Dedicated Design

The property showcase is an independent page, craftily designed from ground up and dedicated to promote your property in the best way possible, free from distractions.

Useful Features

The showcase offers several useful features instantly accessible on all devices, including currency selector, an elegant photo viewer, interactive map and contact details.

Mobile Friendly

The Showcase page is designed not only to look great on desktop computers, but also responds gracefully on all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

Print Friendly

The Showcase is almost like a pre-designed brochure for your properties. Print out a property overview and hand it over to your client, or allow them to print it directly.

Usage Examples

Digital Brochure

Elegantly use the Showcase page as a digital presentation tool when meeting potential customers. Looks great from any device, and includes an awesome photo viewer!


The property Showcase page is the ultimate tool for self-promoting your property. Send the showcase link to potential prospects by means of email, SMS or social media.


Since the Showcase page is tailor-made to suit mobile devices, it allows clients to have information, location- and contact details conveniently available in their pocket.

Third Party Advertising

If you are advertising your property in classifieds, newspapers or online media, then include a link to your showcase so that prospects can take a closer look!

Where can I find the showcase page?

You can find the showcase page for each of your properties on your own account page. Showcase links are also available to all visitors directly from each property page.

Make the most of your Showcase page

If you are promoting your property, then you will want to make sure your property showcase page looks good. Here are a few guidelines:

Use Large Images

The showcase takes advantage of large images in the layout and in the photo slideshow, so please upload large high-quality images. After-all, if the client is viewing a property they are interested in, photos are one of the most important factors. We recommend using large quality images for your showcase, preferably 1000px or wider.

Set Preview Image

Set a representative preview image for your property, preferably in landscape aspect as this suits the showcase page best. This image will be at the top of your showcase page, and will be the image the client associates with when viewing the page.

Text Formatting

Make sure your description is formatted properly. Your clients will be reading the content, and it will seem unprofessional if the description and details are not done properly. This is after all a marketing brochure, and you want to market it correctly.

Add Location

Remember to pin the property location, so it displays on the interactive map. If the customer is looking to locate the property when they are on the go, they will want to use the map!

Tip: Using the Shortlink

Links to all showcase pages are also created in shortlink format, for makes it even easier and less obtrusive for you to send or post links to your property showcase through other media. You can find the shortlink for each of your properties directly from your account page.