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Important Notice!

As a popular property website, we have certain obligations and responsibilities towards holiday-seekers and clients. We are required to make sure our listings meet a certain standard, and this in turn means we need to place requirements on the companies and owners that are listing with us. Shortly, we will be implementing a few new key features.

1. Account Verification
Since we started several years ago, we have accumulated a substantial amount of property listings from a range of different owners and agencies. We now wish to purge inactive or outdated accounts, and to achieve this, we will be rolling out an account verification email to you within the next few weeks. The email will require all account holders to click a link to confirm their account and listings. Failure to click the verification link within 72 hours, will lead to deactivation of the account and listings.

2. Website Replies
Our visitors often experience that many of their requests are never replied to. Although there often is a reason for this, it is not acceptable for our visitors to be treated with a poor response rate. All requests should be answered in timely manner, even if it is just a short response about unavailability! We will soon be forcing initial replies to go directly through the website, instead of by email. This allows us to measure response rate, and present this information to the visitor as a grade of performance for the specific owner or agent. For those who are professional and committed, this will be very beneficial.
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How will this benefit me?
With the factors above, you may be wondering how this benefits you as an active account holder. Truth be told, these changes will filter out a substantial portion of accounts- and listings on the website. In turn, this will result in a mass of visitors and clients being shifted towards the remaining committed- and professional account holders. If you consider yourself part of that group, chances are you will achieve improved business!
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