The House Project

The House Project is a growing network of property websites. Professional design, advanced features and unparalleled market exposure make our websites the starting point for thousands of property clients every day.

The Websites

With our dedicated localized websites, we intent to provide high-quality services for visitors who are searching for property, as well as for advertisers wishing to promote their properties. Our aim is to provide the most user-friendly and biggest property directory for each location. Our expanding property network currently includes locations Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Pattaya and Bali.

Why separate websites for Rent and Buy?
Why is a localized website a better choice for advertising?


  • Dedicated, high-trafficked Property website for unique locations.
  • Superior design and functionality, making it easy and appealing to use.
  • Unrivaled no.1 in the Search Engines for key phrases.
  • Innovative social media coverage, for optimal market visibility.
  • Advanced listing management features for advertisers.
  • We welcome all Agents, Owners and Developers.
  • An expanding and improving network of property websites.